Parish Meeting for Survey and Visioning Event Results

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Presented by Gustavo Hernandez and Judith Cayton, members of the Parish Profile Committee

By St. David's Episcopal Church 06/11/2015 10:58 AM

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  1. David K. Phillips wrote on 06/13/2015 06:05 PM

    I've gotten lost in all this. I participated in the survey and a small group, but after having heard Bishop Doyle admonish us to "be prepared to accept the person whom God is calling to be here," I believe God trumps surveys. I have to wonder if a prospective rector were presented with all this data, would he/she be asked can you "fit" here and meet these needs? That's a good question to ask anyone, but all these charts, etc. create in me the eyes in the headlights. They could be daunting for anyone. These are good analyses of what/where/who St. David's is, but these don't seem to leave much room for God to say "Here is your person." We knew in November that David was leaving. It's now nine months later, and no end is in sight. I believe this is being sliced and diced too finely. We CERTAINLY should have a person in place before Salt Lake City (as opposed to "we're still looking"). Rather than risking beating the horse of over-analysis to death, show us some progress in interviews and tell us that the search is narrowed to x-number of candidates, one of whom will be in place by such and so date. We are NOT proceeding in a timely manner. With no Asst. Music Director either, I just really hope that God's voice will be heard soon, if it hasn't already, for both positions. Nine months is too long. What if God has already chosen someone? How, with all these surveys, would we know who that is? St. David's has a high-enough profile that it certainly has the leverage to make something happen, and I don't see that taking place now. I admit I'm new to this Church and its processes, but as an interested observer I'd like to see some indication of attention being paid to the Bishop's instruction. See you tomorrow at 11:15 in Historic. Thank you.

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